Hot Cross Buns

Do yourselves a favour and make a note to order these from Jason Bakery next Easter!  Store-bought ones are just not as good as I remember them.  Anyone else?  I tried my hand at these a couple of Easters ago, and while they were super-tasty, they were dense and heavy.  These, on the other hand, were light and fluffy – almost melting in your mouth.  I don’t know if this is how they are really supposed to be – all I know is that they were beyond fab.

Hot Cross Buns


Yesterday was my Mom’s 64th birthday.  We originally had a reservation at Constantia Glen, but decided to head in the opposite direction when I was reminded of the annual Two Oceans Marathon that takes place every Easter Saturday.  We ended up at Laborie, which is where I had initially planned on having my birthday lunch.  It was such an awesome day sitting under the oaks with a couple of platters to share.

Don’t you love the Cosmos?!  Apparently Cosmos is native to Mexico and was introduced here via contaminated horsefeed imported from Mexico during the Boer War.   According to Wikipedia anyway.  Grin.

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Minted Peas

This is an adaption of a Jamie Oliver recipe (I don’t use quite as much olive oil).  It is super-easy and super-tasty and requires close to zero effort.  You basically take a pack of frozen peas and empty them into a pot over a generous amount of fresh mint leaves.  Pour boiling water over to cover and allow to steep for a couple of hours to allow the mint flavour to develop in the peas.  Drain off the water and dress with fresh lemon juice, olive oil and cracked black pepper.  They can be served hot or cold.  I basically placed the finished dish in an oven that had just been turned off and that was sufficient to heat through to serve warm after about 20 minutes.

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